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Pre – Retirement Planning

Today we all lead very busy lives with many of us concentrating on the here and now. But it is important to plan for the future.
The sooner you start planning for your retirement the sooner you can put plans in place that will help to ensure you have the standard of living you want when the time comes.


You may already have existing pension plans that have been in place for many years. We can look at these and assess whether they are working as well for you as is possible. If not, we may suggest alternative schemes.


At 3R we can help you plan for your retirement. We have helped many of our clients with pre – retirement planning. The sooner you start planning for your retirement the better.


Post – Retirement Planning

Throughout your working life you should have a proper retirement plan in place allowing you set money aside to accrue a pension pot. When your working life comes to an end you are then faced with decisions of how to convert these savings into a reliable source of income.


Here at 3R we offer a comprehensive post- retirement service the objective of which is to find the best retirement solutions for you. There are plenty of things that you will need to consider when the time comes and we will guide you through this process to ensure your post- retirement planning provides you with an income that best meets your needs