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What is an Investment Bond?

An Investment Bond is generally a single premium life insurance policy. They have a small element of life insurance that is paid out after your death. However, it is an investment rather than insurance in the general sense.

Due to the way that Investment Bonds are structured they can be a potentially tax-efficient way of holding a range of investments in one place. They can also be a good way of allowing you to invest in a mixture of investment funds that are managed by professional investment managers.
Each bond is usually designed to provide benefits for different types of investors but a common element is that they aim to produce long term capital growth and/or generate long-term return.


Choosing an Investment Bond that is best for you

As a ‘whole of the market’ IFA should we advise you to use an Investment Bond as part of your investment portfolio, we will find the Investment Bond that is best for you.

Please note – The value of your investment in a bond can fluctuate and you may not get the full amount of your original investment. Early cash- in charges may apply to some Investment Bonds.