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What is Income Drawdown?
Income Drawdown is a way of taking an income from the money you’ve built up in your pension fund. You can designate some, or all, of your pension fund to be used to provide an income, which is subject to the maximum limits set by the government.
While you’re taking withdrawals from your pension fund, the remainder of your fund continues to be invested, giving it the potential for growth, free of UK income and capital gains tax. Corporation tax is paid on dividends received from UK shares. The value of the fund can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed.


What are the benefits of income drawdown?
Income drawdown allows you to take some or all of your tax free cash as well as being in control of the amount of income taken before formulating your annuity.


Helping you make the right decision
In the first instance we will establish whether income drawdown is the most suitable means of you providing for yourself in your retirement. If it is, we will find a scheme that best meets your needs. If we feel that income drawdown is not suitable for you we will suggest a different strategy.