Business Solutions


One of our core strengths is helping clients set up company pensions schemes. Whether your business has a pension scheme or is thinking of getting a pension scheme for its employees 3R can help. Our ability to access the whole of the market means we can find the scheme that best suits employers and employees alike.


If you have a company pension scheme, when was it last reviewed? Is it performing as you and your employees would like? 3R can review the scheme you have to see how it is performing and offer advice based on our findings.


If you are looking to set up a pension scheme for your employees for the first time, then 3R can help. We are able to provide various types of Group Pension Plans and where applicable advise on Nest and other work place pensions. Whatever scheme we advise, we will guide you through the process keeping you and your employees informed throughout.


What will you get from 3R?
We will sit down with you to understand your businesses situation and what the business wants from its pension scheme. If you already have a pension scheme in place we will take the scheme details and assess how well it has performed. If you are putting a new scheme in place we will research the market to find a solution that best meets your needs and requirements. We will then report back to you with our findings and recommendations. Should you choose to proceed you can expect the following from 3R to ensure the implementation is a success.


Scheme set up
We will provide a dedicated team to help set up your new scheme, an automated payments system that links to your payroll and a comprehensive range of investment options.


Employee engagement
To ensure the successful implementation of the pension scheme we will assist with employee engagement by delivering presentations on the scheme and giving each of your employees the chance to sit down with us and discuss their personal requirements in regards to the scheme. We will also provide enrolment packs for each employee, to introduce and further explain the new pension plan, and a personalised website for each scheme member.


Continuous support
Once the scheme is up and running we will provide continuous and on-going support to you and your employees, we will agree on a continuous support programme that will keep everyone up to speed and informed. We provide scheme management information and governance allowing you to monitor the overall performance of your scheme. We also offer regular face- to- face meetings with each employee. This complements the personalised website where each individual in the scheme can monitor his or her scheme’s performance whenever they want.